Misson, François Maximilien; Goodwin, Timothy [Oth.]; Wotton, Matthew [Oth.]; Manship, Samuel [Oth.]; Tooke, Benjamin [Oth.]
A New Voyage to Italy: With Curious Observations On several other Countries, as Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, Geneva, Flanders, and Holland. Together, With Useful Instructions for those who shall Travel thither. Done out of French. In Two Volumes (Vol. I.) — London: Printed for T. Goodwin, at the Queen's-Head; M. Wotton, at the Three-Daggers in Fleet-street; S. Manship, at the Ship in Cornbil; and B. Took at the Middle-Temple-Gate in Fleet-street, 1699

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240 A New Foyage Vol. I.
are to be preferred before the Confusion of Fe-
ROVIGO. Rtrvigo is a poor little City, encompass’d with
a ruinous Wall: Yet jt is the Residence of the
Bilhop of Adria. That ancient and famous City,
which gave its name to the Gulf, being now but
a pitiful half-drowned Village.
FERRARA. Ferrara is very large, and pretty handsome, but
ill peopled. Some say it was called Ferrara, quasi,
sere aurea, because of its rich Trade; But at pre-
sent it is so poor and desolate, that it cannot be
in the rear view’d without Companion. In a place where
1570. in the Four very large Streets meet, we hopp’d a while,
st™ os Forty wkhout perceiving any one Person in any of
Hours,Ferrara / . ° . , , , , 7 , .
liissered One them. It is generally acknowledged, that this
hundred and City hath more Houses than Inhabitants. Ne-
sixty jolts os vertheless, the Territory of Ferrara is one of the
an Earthquake best pasts LomM it is a
plain and fat
mo ss all defray- Country , which wants nothing but Tillage.
ed. Schrad. You know this Desolation is an effeft of the Se-
verity of the Government. For every place that
falls into the Pope’s Hands, becomes immediate-
ly Miserable.
. Servierant tibi,.Roma, prius Domini Dominorum.
Servorum Seryi tibi funt jam, Roma, I'yranni.
These Princes are usually old, .and consequent-
ly are forc'd to do a great deal of Wotk in a little
time to enrich their Families: And they rarely
consider, what may become of the Estate after
„ , their Death. When Ferrara was* united to the
tndcfth^ $eeJ un<^er ^ie Pontificate of Clement VIII.
rear 1597. that Pope built a thong § Citadel which is Hill in •
the Dutchy os
Ferrara, returned to the Holy See, the Male Race of the Dttkes being extincl.
Alfonso was the lass lawful Prince oj the House of Est.
§ Du Vai writes, that this Citadtl co ft Two Millions of Crowns of Gold.
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