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Notae Numismaticae - Zapiski Numizmatyczne — 8.2013

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Chronicie of the National Museum in KLrakow's Numismatic
Cabinet (2012)

The year 2012 marked the efforts in preparation for the opening of a per-
manent exhibition at the renovated Czapski Pałace (12 Piłsudskiego St.). It was
preceded by an exhibition entitled AT/7mls7?7<3^'c 77? 7'Ae Co//ecTo7? o/7*ńe Ać7-
P'o77<?/ MMS*6r7777 77? AWAow at the Bishop Erazm Ciołek Pałace (17 Kanonicza St.),
open frorn 19 Aprił to 2 December 2012.' Moreover, the Numismatic Cabinet Staff
- Jarosław Bodzek, Mateusz Woźniak, Elżbieta Korczyńska, Danuta Krawczuk-
-Biernat, and Anda Jaworucka-Drath, with the collaboration of Marcin Rudnicki
(The University of Warsaw), prepared an album entitled 700 A777??M7??<T7'7'('
o/ T7?e Ać7^707?<?/ M?7.se?77?? 77? A/Y/LoW (700 7^71'/<7.S'ÓW 7?7777??'z7??67/y(Z/?y C/? W ?W?7Z6R,//77
Ać7fo<7owyT?? w Wf67kow76)P The exhibition was accompanied by a series of lectures
given by the Numismatic Cabinet staff members: Danuta Krawczuk-Biernat -
- "Medals of the House ofVasa" (THeTr/A J%7zów), Elżbieta Korczyńska - "Do-
natives of Gdańsk and Toruń in the 16"" and 17"' Centuries" (Do7?677yny
? ATT 7 ATT/ w.), as well as by the guest lecturer Rafał Jankę - "Władysław
Bartynowski - on the 170"' Anniversary of His Birth"
- W 7 70 7*OCZ777Cp 777*06j&77?).
In 2012, two new members joined the Numismatic Cabinet personnel: Dorota
Malarczyk (Oriental Numismatics) and Paulina Taradaj (Medals).
At the end of 2012, the number of specimens amounted to 103,756, and the
total number, including the deposit, reached 108,061. The Roman Coins collection
acquired a rare and very welt preserved aureus struck in Romę during the reign of
Lucius Verrus (161-169). Lech Kokociński donated to the Numismatic Cabinet
a silver necklace that had formed part of the early-medieval (10^-11"' c.) hoard
discovered in 1894. Two morę gifts by Lech Kokociński were thematically linked
to the necklace: a medal with an image of the necklace, madę by Witold Korski
around 1980 and dedicated to the distinguished members of the Polish Numismatic
and Archaeological Society, and some designs for the medal. The most yaluable

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