Proctor, Richard A.
The Great Pyramid: observatory, tomb, and temple — New York, 1883

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The mystery of the Great Pyramid resides chiefly
in this : that while certainly meant to be a tomb,
it was obviously intended to serve as an observa-
tory, though during the lifetime only of its builder,
and was also associated with religious observances.
Minor difficulties arise from the consideration of
the other pyramids. In this treatise I show that
there is one theory, which, instead of conflicting
with other theories of the pyramid, combines all
that is sound in them with what has hitherto been
wanting, a valid and sufficient reason (for men who
thought as the builders of the pyramid certainly
did) for erecting structures such as these, at the
cost of vast labour and enormous expense. The
theory here advanced and discussed shows—(i) why
the Great Pyramid was an astronomical observatory
while Cheops lived ; (2) why it was regarded as use-
loading ...