Sonnini de Manoncourt, Charles Nicolas Sigisbert
Travels in upper and lower Egypt (Band 3) — London, 1807

Page: 134
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that I expected a piece of service from him which
I should be certain of receiving from the meanest
of fellahs, that of sending the reis to Farsch]out>
whither I intended to proceed. I added, that I
would not fail to make known in Europe the
shameful indignity of his conduct toward me, and
to confirm the bad opinion which Mr. Bruce had
already disseminated there respecting their house.
My letter was written in Latin ; he replied to me
in the same language ; but in that tone of insipi-
dity, of baseness and perfidy, which is the true cha-
racteristic of monks. His reply was conceived in
these terms :

" Achnlm, die Jmo. Junii.

" Cum venerit conductor navis, illico mittam
*f Farschutum, quia servirc suae illustrissimae do-
" minationi, non servitutem dico, sed honorem.
" Quod autem sua illustrissima dominatio non
" fuerit recepta illo honore, qui debebatur suae
" conditioni, non fuit ex parte mea inurbanitas,
,( sed casus et error, de quo errore veniam petit
" coram interprcte illustrissimae suae dominiatio-
" nis; quam, quod impetraverim, sperare me ju-

bent sua innata dementia, et generositas; quod
" autem non adierim in propria persona suam

" illustrissimam
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