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originals, and no want of artistic signi-
ficance is to be perceived.


(From our own Correspondents.)



LONDON.—We have on more
than one previous occasion
illustrated and commended
Mr. A. Wickham Jarvis’s ex-
cellently designed furniture.
Here we are enabled to reproduce photo-
graphs of a bureau and a seat intended
to be used with it which are distinctly
typical of Mr. Jarvis’s style, and in them-
selves most satisfactory. The restraint of
their shape, the absence of curvilinear
lines—always doubtfully suited to wood-
work—and the constructional application
of the ornament deserve appreciation.
The seat is intended to be supplied with
a loose cushion covered with silk of the
same sort as that used for the curtains of
the bureau, worked with a pattern in

variety of subjects represented and
the great extent of material available
for selection. He has been able to
secure for record by photography
representative examples of all types
of the artist’s work, and has suc-
ceeded in bringing together a really
exhaustive series from which there
are infinite educational possibilities
to be derived. Among the draw-
ings collected were many of draperies
and figures in such pictures as The
Golden Stairs, Venus’s Mirror, The
Car of Love, The Briar Rose, Love’s
Wayfaring, The Wheel of Fortune,
and King Cophetua; studies of
armour, draperies and accessory
details for the Perseus series, and
for some of the many illustrations
of the legend of King Arthur, to
which the artist has devoted him-
self; sketches of heads and nude
figures for use in various decora-
tions and designs ; and numberless
other delightful examples of exqui-
site draughtsmanship and inex-
haustible fancy. All these are so
reproduced that nothing is lost of
the subtlety and charm of the


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