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A Mortuary Chapel

murs, Zttande ; La Grande Rue, and Veere, le soir.
Their chief value lies in their bold and skilfully
handled contrasts of black and white, which have
a very personal touch about them.

Such is the work, such the ability, of M. Albert
Baertsoen-—delightful, forceful work, charming eye
and mind alike by its intense and uncommon
sentiment for the beauties of nature; honest, con-
scientious ability, self-born, owing nothing to others,
ever seeking still higher things, ever full of elasti-
city and variety. Let me add, before I close, that
M. Baertsoen has scarcely passed his thirtieth
year. Considering the rich promise he has
shown, no one who knows and appreciates his
work can doubt that he has within him that

tion not inspired the treat-

The road from Guildford
to Limnerslease, Mr. G. F.
Watts’ country house, is
notably picturesque. Leav-
ing the crown of the hill
and turning to the left by
an ancient brick “ turnpike-
house,” the far-famed
Weald of Surrey opens out,
with the great buildings of
Charterhouse school in the
far distance ; a narrow lane
with “ rose-hung hedges on
either hand,” winding down
until the gates of Limners-
lease appear on the right,
and the beautiful half-tim-
bered house, one of Mr.
Ernest George’s most per-
fect re-creations, reveals
itself. Thence across the
lawn, through the woods
and a rustic gate, and along
a shaded road, you reach
the mound sloping down to
the road which is the village
cemetery. Among trees at
the top is a red building—
all red walls and roof-
looking unlike any other in
the British Isles. To say
that part of its charm is
due to the presence of the
trees around it in no way
detracts from its own
beauty. But one learns
mortuary chapel designed by mrs. g. f. watts with surprise that certain


which may in the future result in the highest

Gabriel Mourey.


It is possible that the really beautiful
mortuary chapel which is the subject of this article
would lose some of its charm in less exquisite sur-
roundings ; but we must not forget that the
environment was there first, and that the building,
which is so full of thought and art, might never
have been evolved as it now stands had the situa-
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