Studio: international art — 14.1898

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Awards in “ The Studio Prize Competitions

Design for a “Pic-
torial ” Book-Plate.



bable that this distinguishing feature will be the only
test to separate an artist from a copyist. To ring
changes upon the work of Miss Greenaway, Mr.
Walter Crane, Mr. Howard Pyle, or Mr. Anning
Bell is a trick many dexterous students soon
acquire ; but to invent and develop a consistent
method of interpreting their own fancies is still
rare enough. Therefore Mr. Parrish deserves his
full meed of praise, and his next work will be
looked forward to with eagerness. It is to be
hoped that some English publisher will issue an
edition of Mother Goose.

Awards in “ the studio ”


Design for a Mosaic Frieze.

(A XV.)

The Prize (Twenty-five guineas) is awarded (con-
ditionally) to Sunset (Gunning King, Harting,
Petersfield, Hants).


An unusually large num-
ber of excellent designs
have been sent in for this
competition. The designs

Honourable Mention is given to the following :
Amnon (Herbert Turrell, 9 Joubert Mansions,
Chelsea); Allegory (Paul Kiick, 210 The Grove,
Camberwell); Dum. Spiro Spero (Wm. Aikman,
14 Burghley Road, Hornsey, N.); Ebor (Charles
Hardgrave, 24 Lessar Avenue, Clapham Common,
S.W.); From over the Seas (Adela Seton-Tait, 99
Burnt Ash Road, Lee, S.E.); Laurel (Frank W.
Mann, 8 Mandalay Road, Narbonne Avenue, Clap-
ham Common, S.W.); Rayon (Wm. Bramley, 3
Fulham Studios, Fulham Road, S.W.); Semper
Discipulus (Herbert A. Bone, Woodcroft, Alleyn
Park, Dulwich, S.E.); Seven (W. Dundas, Carlyle
Studios, 296 King’s Road, Chelsea); Smilax
(Bertha Smith, 24 Rectory Road, Stoke Newington,
N.); and Sea Mew (Caroline F. A. Mew, 9 Gordon
Street, Gordon Square, W.C.)

Illustrations of the prize design and those re-
ceiving honourable mention will appear in a later

Design for a Magazine Cover.

(A XVI.)

The First Prize (Three
guineas') is awarded to
Pan (F. H. Ball, 189
Noel Street, Nottingham).

The Second Prize
(Two guineas) to Gar
(Edgar G. Perman,
Tresco, Rusholme Road,
East Putney, S.W.).
Honourable Mention is

given to the following :—
Acoula (Sunderland Rol-
linson); Cilisussex (Ernest
Heasman); Clytie (Alice
E. Burt); Die Neuzeit
(TomC. Dugdale); Essam
(Joseph Masse); Jason
(John Thirtle); Lora (W.
Russell Flint) ; Osseo
(Osmond M. Pittman);
Tohow (T. H. Wake-
field) ; Tramp (David C.
Veazey); and The Bulger
(Mary G. Simpson.)
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