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Awards in “ The Studio" Prize Competitions

present moment every one seems to delight in
outraging. However, I have no space to insist on
this now.

Other exhibits calling for notice are the enamels
of M. Hirtz, the jewels and goldsmith’s work of
M. A. Jacquin and M. Gurschner, the cloisonnk work
of Mr. Heaton, the tapestries of M. Ranson, and
especially the two carpets made by the “Art
Nouveau ” from the designs of Mr. Brangwyn.
These beautiful pieces of decorative work, fine in
ornamental conception, in colour, and in material,
are among the very best things in the Salon.

Yet another notable exhibit, one of the best in
the Decorative Art section, is that of M. Bonvallet,
who shows a handsomely decorated poppy-screen—
paravent aux coquelicots—and a fire-screen adorned
with fluttering butterflies. In both, especially in
the butterfly screen, the design is most ingeniously
adapted to the demands of the material and the
process, the results being most happy and truly
decorative in the best sense.

M. Felix Aubert displays some new experiments
in polychrome laces, in wall-papers (some of which
were reproduced in the March number of The
Studio), stencilled friezes, embroideries, and mural
decoration for bathrooms in enamelled porcelain,
the latter executed in collaboration with M. Alex-
andre Charpentier. This work was described
recently in The Studio, with a reproduction in
colours, therefore I need say no more on the sub-
ject now.

The architectural department, which might
strictly be merged in the “ Section des objets d’art,”
contains several works deserving attention.

The exhibits of M. Benouville show a rare and
sensible novelty of style commanding instant
appreciation. He is evidently on the right road,
and despite a tendency towards the Gothic—a style,
moreover, which is most adaptable to modern
requirements—his architectural work is full of
genuine originality. _

Even more “ personal ” still are M. Charles
Plumet’s exhibits. The plan of the house he has
just constructed—No. 36,. Rue de Tocqueville-—
displays his excellent and thoroughly modern prin-
ciples, which are well known to the readers of Ti-ie
Studio. The drawing-room furniture in dots de
padouck, comprising mantelpiece, bookcase, table,

gu'eridon, sofas, chairs, and arm-chairs, which he
exhibits in collaboration with M. Tony Selmer-
sheim, is admirable alike in scheme and in execu-

M. Tony Selmersheim himself shows us nothing
but what we have already seen at the “ Exposition
des Six ” in the Rue Caumartin. Among his work
I notice once more the bronze lamp and candle-
sticks which pleased me so much when they were
first exhibited, and I can see no reason to unsay a
single word of the praise I felt bound to bestow
on them last March.

The porcelain panels by M. Simas, executed at
the manufactory of Sarreguemines, are full of
bright decorative fancy, especially the “bicycle
frieze,” and the ornamental work on the panel in
the dining-room. I must deal with M. Simas and his
work at greater length on some future occasion, for
he is a decorator of rare ability.

M. Alexandre Charpentier exhibits in the sculp-
ture section the medal presented to Emile Zola in
testimony of his courageous attitude in the Dreyfus
trial. It is a little work of the highest class, dis-
playing the well-known sculptor’s abilities to per-
fection. The features of the great novelist have
never been better reproduced. The face is wonder-
fully expressive, and full of truth and life.

M. Saint-Gaudens sends a large number of
exhibits to the Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts,
among them a large bronze medallion (reproduced
on page 139) of Robert Louis Stevenson. The
work does honour alike to the artist and to the
brilliant writer untimely snatched from the midst
of English literature.

[Owing to great pressure upon our space we are
compelled to hold over until next month several
important reviews oj books, as well as the
second series op Japanese Flower Arrange-

Awards in “the studio ”


Design for a Mosaic Frieze.

(A XV.)

The awards in this competition are unavoidably
postponed until next month.

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