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Awards in “ The Studio ” Prize Competitions

Second Empire, M. Leon Maillard brings us to
our own times, giving us throughout a detailed
history of what he terms la petite estampe. One
traces the gradual transformations of this charming
art in all these varying conditions and changing
times. The selection of specimens has been
made with keen artistic sense and thorough know-

Urbino e i suoi monumenti. By Prof. Egidio
Calzini. (Rocca s. Casciano : Licinio Cappelli.
1897.)—Urbino and its Monuments is a large, well-
printed volume designed to commemorate the
rejoicings held last year, when Signor Belli’s statue
of Raphael was unveiled in the square before the
Ducal Palace. Prof. Calzini has spared no pains
to render his work a valuable contribution to the
history of Raphael’s native place. He has made
copious researches (witness those on the much-
disputed question concerning the architect em-
ployed by Frederic of Montefeltro to enlarge the
Ducal Palace), and, working these in with facts
already known and a careful local study, has pro-
duced a most attractive and instructive picture of
Urbino in the times immediately preceding
Raphael’s greatness—the brilliantly intellectual
and artistic times presented by Castiglione’s Cor-
tegiano. The book contains numerous illustrations.
They are, unfortunately, weak as reproductions;
but they are well chosen, and throw light on
Raphael’s artistic derivations.

The Artists and Engravers of British a?id
American Bookplates. By H. W. Fincham.
(London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Triibner & Co.,
Ltd.) Price 25s. net.—If evidence were required
of the importance which the collection of ex hbris
has attained, it would be amply proven by the
production of this portly tome. The author has
not spared himself labour in the painstaking re-
searches necessary to compile so monumental a
work. Thousands of bookplates are described
under the names of their various designers, while
the signatures upon them and approximate dates
of their production are duly detailed. An inter-
leaved copy of this work would make an excellent
album for a collector.

Ten Songs from Herrick's Hesperides. Set to
music by J. S. Moorat. Illustrated by Paul
Woodroffe. (London : George Allen). Price 5^.
—Mr. Moorat’s music is quaintly appropriate to
Herrick’s simple and ever-delightful songs. Mr.
Woodroffe has even excelled himself in the
beautiful drawings with which the pages are
decorated. The result is a book that commends
itself to all.



Design for a Poster.

(A XIV.)

The Prize (Ten guineas) is awarded to B Flat.

Honourable Mention is given to the following:
—Arc (Thomas Corson); Artifex (John Hardy);
Carmine (Thomas Kinsella); Cygnet (Campbell
Fraser); Darkie (Charles Richardson); Daffodil
(Gunning King); Dudge (Douglas Snowdon) ; Fung
Shui (H. R. Coughtrie); L'Esperance (Ernest San-
ders); Ossian (George Morrow); Ossian II. (George
Murray); Pan (F. H. Ball); Quill (F. T. Wright) ;
Rex (J. M. Staniforth); Siren (Harold Knight) ;
Twenty-one (W. Dundas); and Yankee (J. C.

Design for a Title-Page.

(B XIV.)

The First Prize {Threeguineas) is awarded to
Osseo (Osmund M. Pittmann, 49 Stanley Gardens,

The Second Prize (Two guineas) to Ossian
(George Murray, 22 Aynhoe Road, Brook Green,

The design by Abcele (Sunderland Rollinson, 12
Princes Street, Scarborough) has been purchased.

Honourable Mention is given to Free Arch
(Harry H. Shoosmith, 30 Billing Road, Northamp-

Silhouette Drawing.

(B XV.)

The First Prize {Two guineas) is awarded to
Chat Noir (A. Leek, 7 St. Augustine’s Parade,

The Second Prize {One guinea) to E.F.E.
(Ethel F. Everett, 170 Kennington Park Road,

Honourable Mention is given to the following:
—Aries (W. M. Black); Black White (Florence
M. G. Dimma); Chuck (Florence K. Noble);
Etah Unis (F. K. Houston); Fretichy (J. Houry);
Mada (Madeline Irwin); Malesh (A. L. Rawlin-
son); Nocturne (Edward L. Appleby); and We’re
not so Black as We're Painted (Mdrne. E. Boehm).

The whole of the above have been purchased.

Design for a Fancy Book-Cover.

(B XVI.)

The First Prize {Three gtiineas) is awarded to
Toe (Wm. Alfare, 1 Quadrant Road, Islington, N.).

The Second Prize {Two guineas) to Aubrey
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