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Awards m “ The Studio ' Prize Competitions


After very careful consideration of
all designs sent in for The Studio
Competitions set between February

1897 and January 1898 inclusive, the judges have
decided to award the medals as follows :—

Gold medal to John Thirtle, The Elms, Ban-
stead Road, Ewell, Surrey.

Silver medal to H. T. Wyse, Viewfield Road,
Arbroath, N.B.

Bronze medal to F. H. Ball, 189 Noel Street,

Bronze medal to B. H. Smale, 33 Acacia Road,
St. John’s Wood.

The above awards are given for the general
and consistent excellence of the work sent in for
the various classes of competitions. The medals
are now in course of preparation, and will be
forwarded to the successful competitors as soon as
ready. The medal awards will again be made to
the most successful competitors between February

1898 and January 1899.

Awards in “the studio”


Design for an Embroidered
Cushion Cover.


Owing to great pressure upon our space we are
compelled to hold over all competition illustrations
until the next number, in which reproductions of
some of the mosaic designs for the Horniman
Museum will also be found.

The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to
Aberbrothock (H. J. Wyse, Viewfield Road, Ar-
broath, N.B.).

The Second Prize (One guinea) to Ba?-?iey (M.
S. Chandler, Station House, Aldershot).

Honourable Mention is given to the following :
Boomerang (Constance Lindley); Bengo (Mary
Bailey); Chris (Christine Gregory); Campanula
(Alice M. Courtenay); Lily (Eleanor V. Tyler);
Merton (Walter Taylor); Violet (Thomas W.
Tupp); and Yew (Ethel Poppleton).

Illustration for “Evangeline.”

(B XIX.)

The drawings received for this competition are
very disappointing. The first prize is awarded to
Jason on account of the excellent technique of
the drawing; but the spirit of the subject is not
well expressed in this or any of the other efforts
sent in.

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Jason (John Thirtle, The Elms, Banstead Road,
Ewell, Surrey).

The Second Prize (HalJ-a-guinea) to Blue Rose
(Miss Whitehead, Shustoke Vicarage, Coleshill,

Honourable Mention is given to Grumbler (Rosa
C. Petherick, Maple Lodge, Havelock Road,

Study of an Old Bridge.

(C XVI.)

Although this has proved a popular competition,
very few of the drawings are satisfactory. Many
of them are overcharged with detail, while others
are executed in pale or common ink instead of
Indian ink.

The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse, Viewfield Road, Ar-
broath, N.B.).

The Second Prize (HalJ-a-guinea) to Pan
(Fred. H. Ball, 189 Noel Street, Nottingham).

Honourable Mention is given to the following:
Bill (F. S. Coburn); Cillgurow (Hugh C. Craw-
hall) ; Ztev^(Isabel Whitgreave); and Tim (Frank

Photographs from Nature.

River Scene.

(D X.)

Many very excellent photographs have been
sent in for this competition, and considerable diffi-
culty has been experienced in making the awards.

The First Prize (One guitiea) is awarded to
Westfield (W. J. Warren, Westfield Terrace, Chapel
Allerton, Leeds).

The Second Prize (HalJ-aguinea) to Twilight
(Smedley Aston, 7 Newhall Street, Birmingham).

Honourable Mention is given to the following:
Coup d'essai (Alfred H. L. Dixon, 18 Goldsmith
Street, Nottingham); Rengaw (Marion Orme,
Angmering Rectory, near Worthing); Avon (Ralph
Knott); Aliquis (Seymour Conway); Colly (Miss
van Andoniga de Kempenar) ; Entomologist (J. C.
Warburg); F.R.S. (Mary C. Fair); Graphic
(Charles F. Inston); Hammonia (Will Gulzow);
Helpis (Margaret West); Illinois (W. Moseley);
Kennaquhair (Christian H. Curie); Little Tats
(Mrs. Delves Broughton); Leonellard (Leonard
Stevenson); Lancashire (Miss Bartlett) ; Leprichau?i
(Miss M. Tottenham); Mudlark (W. R. Atkins,
J. P.); Nandana (J. C. Varty Smith); Patrick
(Ada C. Ince); Penelope (M. Homfrey); Portia
(Howard H. Comfort); Ringmer (Marion Orme);
and Yellow Eyes (Edith L. Willis).

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