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Rosary, and at the same time give strength and
balance to a design so very delicate, that it
reminds us of the illuminated scripts so exquisitely
wrought by Mr. Cowlishaw. Owing to the limits
of our space, we cannot describe the intricate
workmanship of the fine banners, so medieval in
feeling, designed by Mr. Vallance. It is worth
noting, however, that the face and hands of St.
Etheldreda are left unshaded, in accordance with
the Gothic method.



Thanks to the courtesy of Mr. G. F. Watts, we
are able to give two illustrations of a grandly con-
ceived piece of unfinished sculpture, about which
artists have been talking for some time. It repre-
sents the nobleness of physical energy. In general
character the work is Greek, but is there not some-
thing Assyrian in a few details of technique : for

church banner designed by aymer vallance

executed by bessie huggett


{From our own Correspondents.)

LONDON.-We give this month three ex-
amples of church embroidery, all admir-
ably worked by Miss Bessie Huggett,
two from designs by Mr. Aymer Vallance,
the other from a drawing by Mr. W. H.
Cowlishaw. The last one (page 49) represents a
frontal cloth for a Rosary Altar. The material is
white satin, and the leaves are in various shades
of green silk with a fringing of gold, to represent
their saw-like edges. The fifteen roses are made
of pink velvet slightly embroidered with orange,
with gold, and with light shades of pink floss CHURCh banner designed by aymer vallance
silk ; they symbolise the fifteen Mysteries of the executed by bessie huggett
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