Studio: international art — 19.1900

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Awards in " The Studio " Prise Competitions

The Second Prize {Three
guineas) to Ora (E. H. Rouse, 33
Chesholm Road, Stoke Newington,

The Third Prize ( Two guineas)
to Vectis (Alys Walton, Datchelor,
Upton Road, Haylands, Ryde, Isle
of Wight).

The Fourth Prize (Oneguinea)
to Nektia (Walter Cleghorn, 10
Albert Road, Langside, Glasgow).

Honourable mention is given
to : — Kohinoor (Harry Woodrow) ;
and Thistle Top (John Edine).

The judges find many of the
designs good, but evidence of con-
structive knowledge is generally

Design Symbolical of


The First Prize (One guinea)
is awarded to Meliagaunce (Chris-
tine D. Angus, Bidston, Birken-

The Second Prize (Hatf-a-
guinea) to Maivolio (Olive Allen,
53 Newsham Drive, Liverpool).

Honourable mention is given to
[ason (John Thirtle, The Elms,
Banstead Road, Ewell, Surrey);
Chat Noir (A. Leete); Fighting
Mac (T. S. Brydone); Isca (Ethel
Larcombe); " No. X." (Tom

Disregard to naturalistic lighting is always excusable Day); Pan (Fred. H. Ball); and Zeto (Will E.
in decoration ; indeed it is doubtful if its extinction Tyler).

be not almost a necessity in all works of such a Study of Leafless Trees.

character. Whether this be admitted or not, ,^ XXX)

Mr. Parrish deals with light as he wants it to be, , .

, .... , ., ... a- t • u The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to

and not as it is, and the resulting effect is by no „ v , , , _ .

.. TJ • . , ■ , • Amiaot (bcymour Conway, Inglecrolt, Beckenham).

means disagreeable. He is most daringly mcon- v 1 J 0

sistent, and yet is never offensively so. The Second Prize (Half-a-guinea) to Ouzel

(W. C. Crafts, 9 Northwick Terrace, Cheltenham).

AWARDS IN "THE STUDIO" Honourable mention is given to:—Bayford
PRIZE COMPETITIONS. (L M. Powell); Cockyleekie (John Lea); Euripides

(Percy Lund); Fricka (Mrs. F. S. Robinson);
Design for a Fretwork Clock. uuu tafs (mrs ddver broughton). nash (f. h.

(A XLVI.) Duffield); Navig (Pavin Coutts); Osceola (W. M.

The First Prize (Four guineas) is awarded to Dodson); Peter (A. H. Robinson); Sweet Pea
T'other Guv'nor (Edward Pay, 27 Milton Court (Miss P. Rochussen); Sepia (J. D. Turner); and
Road, New Cross, S.E.). Yafti (Miss C. H. Gunner).


illustration by maxfield parrish

from "the golden age " (John Lane)
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