Studio: international art — 19.1900

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

REVIEWS. but they are executed with considerable talent

Meissner Porzellan. By Karl Berling. the drawings being reproduced by a method of

(Leipzig: F. A. Brockhaus.) Price, Marks 160. double printing, which undoubtedly adds much

To collectors of Dresden porcelain this sumptuous to their effect and value.

volume will be most welcome. The author has Working Drawings for Wool Carvers. By
spared no pains to gather together reliable informa- Emily Burgess. (London and Derby: Bemrose
tion respecting the history of his subject, from its and Sons.) The great body of amateur wood-
first manufacture by John Bottger in Meissen in carvers, who are constantly complaining of the
1709 to the end of the sixth period in 1814; difficulty they experience in finding suitable
while the varied and rare specimens to which he motives on which to practise their art will welcome
has had access, and which he has been permitted this collection of twenty-four drawings. Without
to illustrate, show in a remarkably complete possessing any marked originality, or even great
manner the changes in the styles of make and decorative merit, these designs are perfectly prac-
design through which the famous ware has passed, tical and workable. They present no difficulties
As in most other notable makes of European that cannot be overcome by a reasonable amount
porcelain, the Dresden productions were in the of care, and yet they are sufficiently elaborate to
early days of their manufacture strongly influenced test to a fair extent the skill of the worker. The
in design by their Chinese and Japanese prototypes; size in which they are published is a reasonable
and even when, at a later date, original schemes one ; and they are drawn with considerable vigour,
of pattern were devised, the far-eastern influence so that the carver who uses them need never be in
was often still traceable. Of the groups of modelled doubt as to the meaning of the forms he is trying
figures, for which the fabrique is popularly famous, to reproduce,
some good examples are shown. The Krinolin-

gruppen, the Kindergruppen, the shepherds and The Studio for June will contain an im-

shepherdesses, and other costume figures, are all portant article on the Art of 1900. The illustra-

carefully selected from the best periods, and if the tions wil1 include several studies for paintings in

art they represent is not always of a high order, addition to reproductions of the most interesting

it is at least characteristic of the times in which examples of pictorial and decorative art shown at

they were produced. The book is illustrated by the Spring exhibitions,
no fewer than 15 plates in chromo-lithography,

15 helio-gravures, and 219 half-tone reproductions The Special Summer Number of Tun Studio
from photographs, and they are all alike excellent will this year be devoted to the consideration of
of their kind. modern British water-colour art. The illustrations
The Century Book of Gardening. Edited by will be vel7 numerous, and will include a large
E. T. Cook. (London : Offices of " Country number of facsimile reproductions in colours.
Life.") Price i8j.—The advantages of photo-
graphy in the illustration of gardens, trees and . WARDS IX "THE STUDIO"

flowers are many, and they are brought into full
prominence in this charmingly produced book.
Hundreds of carefully selected photographs render
the work, with its numerous useful chapters



Design for
a Silver Tahle-Candlestick.

upon gardens and their management, not only a

storehouse of information upon gardencraft, but ^

also a beautiful table book of interest to dwelleis The First Prize (Two Guineas) is awarded to

in town as well as country. The excellent cover Curlew (Lennox G. Bird, c/o A. C. Sealy, Esq., 3,

design by the talented young Canadian designer, Minor Canon Row> Rochester).

Mr. Will Jenkins, adds its due quota to the success The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Tramp

of the book. (David Veazey, 10, Brewer St., Woolwich.)

Resurrection 1 A Novel by Leo Tolstoy, with Honourable mention is given to the following :—

Illustrations by Pasternak. (London: P. R. Smudge (Madge Dawson, 22, Forest Drive West,

Henderson.,. Price—The illustrations to Leytonstone), illustrated; Atheling (E. H. Richard-

this remarkable novel are of more than usual son), Crumpets (S. Herbert Man), Craft (F.

interest. The incidents and phases of Russian White), Mice (E. May Brown), Seaforth (A.

life portrayed are not only full of local character, Forrest).

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