Studio: international art — 19.1900

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summer, and these into the reds and russets of
autumn. Figures carry out the idea of the
seasons, a shepherd lad piping to his sheep, a
family group resting in the grateful shades which
summer gives, and an apple gatherer surrounded
by the rich harvest. The whole is bathed in the
delicious mist of Indian summer. J. G.

MELBOURNE.— Last month reference
was made under this heading to Mr.
1). M. Meldrum and the painting
entitled Welcome JVeivs, which gained
for the young artist the Victorian Travelling
Scholarship of ,£150 per annum, which will enable
him to pay visits to the principal art-centres of
the Old World. We have pleasure now in giving
an illustration (page 211) of the painting in question.


The Anglo-Saxon Review. Vol. 3. (London
and New York : John Lane.) The present volume
deals to a large extent with historical and political
subjects. Its illustrations consist of photogravure

reproductions of Napoleon Bonaparte by Denon,
George Canning, by Gainsborough, Percy Bysshe
Shelley, by Amelia Curran, Mary Shelley, by R.
Rothwell, Paderewski, from an excellent charcoal
drawing by Emil Fuchs, and Marie de Guise-
Lorraine, from the painting attributed to Clouet.
The design upon the leather cover is imitated from
a copy of the work " Bavaria Pia," presumably
bound for Charles I. Mr. Cyril Davenport's
note upon books bound for this monarch is of
considerable interest to the bibliophile.

Pittura Italiana Anliqua e Moderna. By
Algredo Melani. (Milan: Hoepli.) This is
an admirably-arranged and most useful little
volume, somewhat spoiled in its general appearance
by the very narrow margin of its pages, the result
probably of its author's wish that it should serve
as a pocket-guide to travellers. It begins
with Etruscan and ends with Neo-classic and
modern painting, passing in exhaustive review all
the most typical examples of the pictorial art
which the Italian peninsula has produced. The
illustrations are excellent, and include a great
number of reproductions of works of art which


(By permission 0/ E. B. Osier, Esi/.J
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