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The Work of Mrs. A drian Stokes.

"PRIMAVERA" BY marianne stokes

(By permission oj George MeCidloch, Esq.)

THE WORK OF MRS. ADRIAN do not contradict the generalising statement. For

STOKES. BY HARRIET FORD. what do we know of the impressions—their very
unusualness, perhaps, adding to their force - which

"Tin-; impressions of childhood put later first placed their abiding seal upon the minds of

into criticisms and pictures make themselves felt these men ? Some flash of sunset among the

by a strange depth of emotion, and are precisely barges and shipping, burnishing the sluggish

what give delicacy and life." I was glad to come river, and glorifying the enveloping mist, may haw:

across that passage in a translation of Sainte- set the Cockney boy a-dreaming before the

Beuve's " Essay on Balzac," the other day, because conscious effort had arisen in his mind. Or

it gave me a direct authority, as it were, for the a Sunday spent with his family at St. Cloud, in

idea with which I wanted to begin this notice of the Hois, or among the grey and silvery

Marianne Stokes. It seemed to me that if it were reaches of the lower Seine, may have sunk so

possible to trace to their source the special deeply into the soul of Corot that while still

characteristics marking the work of individuals, we measuring tape and putting up shutters the

should generally find the influence directing them influence lived and bore its fruit. These men

lay in the, often unconsciously, treasured - up were the rich soil upon which the good grain

impressions received in early youth. Such fell; to them the accidental, the occasional,

apparent anomalies as the fact of Turner being a were the more important. But we all know how

Londoner, and the environment of the small we are constantly troubled by the jarring note

Parisian shopkeeper being the uncongenial of what we know to be false, which nevertheless

atmosphere in which Corot lived for thirty years, rings in our ears with the insistence of long

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