Studio: international art — 28.1903

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The New Solid Oil-Colours

" pay" in the struggle for daily bread. It is ex- difficulty of reducing to a minimum his working
pected that a statuette should be sold for a small expenses. He may find after a time that his
sum, and for a small sum it can be sold when it is attention is too much engaged by the process of
multiplied in from fifteen to twenty bronze copies, casting, to the hindrance of his original work.
But casting is so expensive that few young sculptors Meantime, in any case, his experiment is worth
can afford to have their models cast the requisite trying, and Mr. Wells deserves to be congratulated
number of times; and the result is that they fail to on his resourceful courage,
hold their own against the cheap statuettes which

come into the market, always in large numbers, rpHE NEW SOLID OIL-COLOURS:
from Italy and from other countries. This cannot INTERVIEW WITH M J F

but be discouraging; yet there are some among RAFFAELLI
them who try hard to meet the emergency in a

practical manner. Thus Mr. Wells does his own A delicious and very simple little hotel at the
casting. The results, thus far, have been quite end of the Rue de Courcelles, No. 202 : a big
satisfactory, and he hopes that he may be able to garden, with fine trees and a studio in it. A gallery
continue the practice. Not only has he hit upon a joins house and atelier.

means by which a great deal of expense may be Introduced into the well-lighted studio, we find
saved, but he has passed many leisure hours in the painter at his easel. Before him on a stool is
a manner as interesting as it is instructive. Still, a long box full of little sticks of all colours. Some
as few serve two arts with equal good fortune, we he holds in his left hand, while with another, in
cannot be sure that Mr. Wells has solved the his right, he produces on his canvas a long and

thick flow of col-
our. The work
represents a land-
scape at sunset,
and the trees are
casting their long,
bluish shadows
across the mea-
dow ....

Still going on
with his work, M.
Raffaelli inquires :
"You have come
to see my colours,
and how they are

" Yes ; but how
easily you seem
to work, mon cher
mcatre I"

"The fact is,
work has become
a real joy to me.
Everything seems
easy to me now,
whereas painting
in oils as we
practise it is very
arduous . . . ."

" Is it not less
arduous for others


(By permission of Mr. E. Van Whselingh) tuted ? "
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