Studio: international art — 28.1903

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

Lettering for Schools mid Colleges. By Frank A WARDS IN "THE STUDIO
Steeley. (London: G. W. Bacon & Co., Ltd.) /\ PRIZE COMPETITIONS.

Price 2s. 6d.

Letters and Lettering. By Frank C. Brown. * *■ (A XXXV.)

(Boston, U.S.A. : Bates & Guild.) Price $2. Design for a Jewel Casket.

Lettering in Ornament. By Lewis F. Day. The First Prize (Three Guineas) is awarded

(London : B. T. Batsford.) t0 Tramp (David Veazey, 27 Rectory Place,

The number of books upon lettering which have Woolwich),

recently been published on both sides of the The Second Prize (Two Guineas) to Lochaber

Atlantic is evidence of the increased interest (James Nicoll, Engineer's Office, General Station,

which has of late been given to an important Perth, N.B.).

phase of education. As we have frequently had Honourable Mention : Chelvie (Herbert Vahey);

occasion to observe, to be able to make good Ted (H- G- Cogle); Scrieufase (Edward Pite);

lettering is, in a degree, to know how to draw. Ymer (Svante Olsson); and Gipsy (T. G. Angell).

In spite of the absurd apathy on the part of (A XXXVII.)

instructors in our public schools, good writing Design for a Poster.

is one of the most important items of a child's The First Prize (Seven Guineas) has been won

education. Many and many a youth, expensively by Bulged (B. H. Smale, 23 Crookham Road,

educated, has lost the chance to obtain a good Fulham, London, S.W.).

and permanent position by his inability to write The Second Prize (Three Guineas) by Old

well and legibly. Whether from an artistic point Volunteer (R. W. Hockley, 4 Kempt Villas,

of view or from a business one, the time that is Wolseley Road, Wealdstone, Middlesex),

given to the study of good writing and good An Extra Prize of Two Guineas has been

lettering is well spent, and such volumes as those awarded to Fitz (D. D. Fitzsimons, 39 Wolseley

now before us are importantly useful. The value Road, Wealdstone, Middlesex).

Initial Letters.

of Mr. Frank C. Brown's book is greatly enhanced

by the reproduction of some good examples of

Spanish and Italian script from old writing-books,

, • , , ..r , • The First Prize (One Guinea) has been gained

than which no more beautiful specimens were v . .

, . by Papoose (F. McHutchon, 36 Highbury Place,

ever penned. Mr. Lewis R Day s new volume \

deals with the ornamental value of lettering and > •)•

c , .. • 0 , , , The Second Prize (HaIf-a-Guinea) to Lohta

01 lettering m ornament. Some old examples are . '

, , , (Blanca L. Tennant, Kingsfield, Sale, Cheshire),

given with a few new ones drawn by the author. v .

f .1 • , , Hon. Mention: Lohta (Blanca lennant); Hylus

Many of these are m every way excellent, and the , „ _ , . „ , _ , ,''

f , r , ^ ^, , . (W. E. Tyler): Gobbo (Maud C. James); Tramp

book will be found of value to the student. A ; . \ , , _ , 1 „ .

r . , . , , , . , (David Veazey); Lsca (Ethel Larcombe): Fairy

tew more examples from coins and medals might V, ._ v ,„ ,- ,

j , ; , ° Tales (Dorothy Ward): Water (Walter Gilliard);

have been added to advantage, and reproductions . „ T /T .,. ' , . , ,.

, . , „ . . Flym? Fish (Lilian Busbndge); Malvoho (Olive

of some of the many excellent specimens to be „ * , , _ , , /„

, , , , t , _ f, , . Allen): Jack (Miss Putnam); Mad (Grace M.

found upon old tombstones would have lent an . / rr „ , t. iv. ■ ,x

,, , . , . Kma) ; Humpty Dumpty (Sibyl Pethenck):

added interest to the compilation. rr &/ '_, TT ,, . . , ,N . '

Homo (The Hon. Margaret Amherst); Arcturus

... , . , ~ ~r T1 „ , (M. Igglesden); and Hazel (P. B. Adshead).

We have received from Mr. John P. White, of v 5fa ' '

Bedford, a catalogue of furniture designed by (C XXVII.)
Mr. M. H. Baillie Scott, which contains a number Winter Landscape, with Snow.
of finely - reproduced designs in half-tone and The First Prize (One Guinea) is awarded to
colours. Admirers of Mr. Scott's work would do Ozero (Harry Wanless, 31 Westborough, Scar-
well to see this very tastefully got-up brochure. borough).

Another catalogue, which will interest those who The Second Prize (Haifa-Guinea) to Causeway-
axe looking out for artistic fittings of a modern head (J. L. Sievwright, Craiglea, Newport, Fife, N.B.).
character, is one which has just been published Hon. Mention: Africa (Arthur Hutton); Lac
by the Electrical Fittings Co., Conduit Street, W. (Andre Callier); Woodlands (F. R. Hedges);
Many of the designs in this sumptuous book Beetle (Miss A. Collins); Dibbinsdale (Harry
are of exceptional merit, and show originality in Harman); Talvi (G. Runar Sahlstein); and Carbon
conception. (Dr. H. G. Deller).

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