Studio: international art — 28.1903

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Auguste Rodin s Dry Points

of which the artist, in the
course of his walks, loves
to grasp the city's minutest
expression, its smallest
artistic aspect. He never
tires in his love of this
beautiful Paris, but unceas-
ingly portrays it in its most
diverse moods and forms.
With the assistance of a
process which is indeed an
invaluable auxiliary to his
art, he shows us in masterly
fashion the Paris of to-day ;
and, while working for the
present, he is doing even
more for posterity by pre-
serving in an attractive form
the aspects of the city.

"fantaisie" from the dry point by auguste rodin Octave Uzanne.

Montmartre, La Porte Saint-Denis, Le Boulevard A UGUSTE RODIN'S DRY-POINT
du Palais, and La Place Vendome. Occasionally /\ ENGRAVINGS. BY WALTER

he has painted gardens—this fresh Luxembourg, I » SHAW SPARROW
for instance, seen from the Fontaine Carpeaux;
or it is Notre-Dame, the Vessel of the city, It has been said with truth that French sculpture
which has fascinated and detained him. Front- at its best has ever been more or less in open revolt
face and sideways, three-quarters and from behind, against the ideal stateliness and repose inculcated
he has striven to depict this old ship of vener- by Greek precedents. Thus, for example, a fondness
able stone in its sublime
grandeur. Desiring to

show it from very near, |MHHBH|
to see it as, doubtless, ■ <^±^Z—~\ - .1 *i

those who built the edi- . * i-'"*^■ """V "" ■ ' /

fice saw it, he conceived ,- j■ ': x^S^^^^V. \ . '

it very big, very high, and '/f ■ i^^F^-C ~ -=* f '

very beautiful. BE /

In the same spirit i fi

another artist, M. Claude
Monet, with pleasing au-
dacity conceived his long ' ' ~~~ ~. , '' "'
series of views of Rouen " JgcLjlft '^^t^Aig*f- J '/dt&J§ '
Cathedral—works which ^^^iSP^';' .•-W^ST^' v^j|5^ " j
were really a triumph. tyf >£jP%kJ^^NwO(^- S^'/^jx ' ~- •' * •"'

But I have been re- t,—'V^a ' —re-

ferring latterly to M. Hou- y'u +' Jv'^SgsPp^'1™*'^ *'~ ' *

bron's principal works. t fepT > k ^ - ••^^^^52^^^^^-, ' . S

I wish, by way of con- j ^^r-rr^^^^^5?"-

clusion, it were possible to /X -L-^^^"'. ■ -' • ■' - .-

show in their ensemble the ' ~" - -£$2^?^^ sjj-jy^ ~*t -'^ ■ ' |

numberless sketches and . »—v 1 ":^ag; ~ \ .., „^ \ - ''

plans and studies, the

hasty "notes" by means "la sphere" from the dry point by auguste rodin

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