Studio: international art — 28.1903

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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

Most interesting, too, are the portraits of Gray the
poet, as a boy of ten, and Alexander Pope as a
man in the prime of life.

Color Problems. By Emily Noyles Vanderpoe.
(London: Longmans, Green & Co.)—There can
be no doubt that colour perception among various
individuals varies greatly. Some painters and
decorators are instinctively good colourists, while
with others the faculty is almost absent. That a
scientific knowledge of the subject will make bad
colourists into good ones is questionable, but that
it will strengthen those with clearer natural per-
ceptions by systematising their observation is
certain. Some knowledge of the theory and
qualities of colour, of colour contrasts and colour
harmonies, should be possessed by all painters, and
Color Problems aims at giving to the reader the
necessary information. This volume is rendered
valuable by the large number of illustrations which
accompany it. The plates showing the colour
analysis are full of suggestion to the designer.

The Merry Wives of Windsor. By William
Shakespeare. The Abbey Press, Edinburgh.
(London : George Bell & Sons.) \os. 6d. net.—
In its simple white vellum binding, decorated with
an effective design in gold, this beautifully printed
edition of the first of a new series of plays, to be
issued by the Abbey Press, will delight all lovers
of Shakespeare. The type is exceptionally clear,
and the general get-up almost classic in its quiet
dignity. The absence of notes and of text illustra-
tions will indeed be almost a relief to those readers
who know their Shakespeare and prefer to trust to
their own imagination for their realisation of his

Rex Regum. By Sir Wyke Bayliss. (London :
Sampson Low). Ss. 6d. net.—It is rare, indeed, in
these days of destructive criticism and uncompromis-
ing realism to meet with a work such as the " Rex
Regum " of Sir Wyke Bayliss, now reprinted with
considerable additions. It bears on every page the
stamp of its author's belief in the Master to whom
it is a tribute, and reflects very clearly the spirit of
the early days of Christianity, when the memory of
that Master's personality was still fresh. The
author combines with the poetic faculty no little
critical acumen, so that his book, with its reproduc-
tions of quaint old frescoes and mosaics and ex-
amples of interpretations of Christ by such modern
masters as Fritz von Uhde and Holman Hunt,
appeals to a wide public. It will be valued by all
who are interested in the history of sacred art or
in the evolution of popular belief, whether they
accept the conclusions as to the direct transmission

of the Likeness of the Saviour or not, which it is
the main object of Sir Wyke Bayliss to prove.

Highways and Byways i?i London. By Mrs. E. T.
Cook. With illustrations by Hugh Thomson and
F. L. Griggs. (London : Macmillan.) 6s. net.—To
write with any freshness on a subject so hackneyed
as London would appear to be impossible, yet that
task has been most triumphantly achieved by Mrs.
Cook, whose book simply teems with interest from
cover to cover. She has the rare gift of being able
to catch not only the spirit of the mighty city as a
whole, but the more elusive characteristics of its
component parts. No less unstinted must be the
recognition accorded to the illustrations, adding
zest to the piquant descriptions of the text, in which
the fleeting fashions of the day are reflected with
unerring faithfulness, the dainty aristocrat of the
Row or Bond Street, the sandwich-board men, the
costermongers, the gamins, and every other typical
denizen of the east or west, the north or south, are
hit off with sympathetic touch.

Design for Wrought-Iron Gates.
The First Prize {Three Guineas) has been
won by Ida (J. E. Mackley, 366 Moseley Road,

The Second Prize (Two Guineas) by Ivy Glen
(F. W. Welch, Richmond Terrace, Stourbridge
Road, Halesowen, Birmingham).

Hon. Mention: Perrus(E. B. Crossley); Feproth;
Nix (Alan Snow); Loidis (H. E. Henderson);
Seaweed (G. Watts) ; and Jimmy (P. A. Hill).
Design for a Page Border.
The First Prize (One Guinea) has been
awarded to Lys (Yvetta Stork, 8 Essex Villas,
Kensington, London, W.).

The Second Prize (Half-a-Guinea) to Bilberry
(Mary Thomas, Wood Hall, Shanley, Herts.).

Hon. Mention: Arcturus(Marguerite Igglesden);
Isca (Ethel Larcombe) ; W. Xie (Winifred Christie);
and Bat (Harry J. Thompson).

Design for a Showcard.
The designs sent in for this competition have
proved very disappointing.

The First Prize (Three Guineas) has been given
to Right Angle (H. Corner, Holly Lodge, Taunton).

The Second Prize {Two Guineas) to Isca
(Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, Exeter).

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