Studio: international art — 28.1903

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

ruthlessly to alternate currents of dry heat and
damp ; and similar instances could be multiplied.

William Morris. By J. W. Mackail. Ecce
Mundus; Industrial Ideals; and TheBook Beautiful.
By T. L. Cobden-Sanderson. (7 The Terrace,
Hammersmith: Hammersmith Publishing Com-
pany.) Price 2s. 6d. each net.—Mr. Mackail's
short account of the life and aspiration of William
Morris is clear and concise, and the author does
not make the all too common mistake of over-
stating the claims of the subject upon our admira-
tion. Mr. Cobden-Sanderson's socialistic ideals
are Utopian ; but his views on the ideal book, as
far as they go, are aesthetically sound.

Anyoranses : Poesies Intimes. Per Alexandre
de Riquer. (Barcelona : A Verdaguer). This
little volume of Spanish verse is presented to the
public in exquisite manner. The paper cover in
dull green and orange is very delightful, while each
page has on it a simple but delicate floral decora-
tion. The shape of the page is tall and narrow,
the paper of excellent quality, and the letterpress
very clear. Our own poets who pride themselves
on the appearance of their books will be envious if
they meet with this original and dainty little volume.

The Book of God's Kingdom. (146, Queen
Victoria Street.) 1902.—This little book consists
of a popular illustrated report of the British and
Foreign Bible Society for the year 1901-2. Its
subject-matter is outside the scope of The Studio,
but it contains some excellent reproductions of
photographs of Eastern life and scenery, and it is
well printed and neatly bound.

We have been asked to state that the book and
the illustrations of Timothy Cole's "Old English
Masters," reviewed in the December number of
The Studio, are the copyright of the Century
Company of New York.

The agents for the Raffaelli Solid Oil Colours in
Great Britain, the Colonies, and the United States,
are Messrs. Winsor and Newton, of Rathbone
Place, London,

Design for a Small Summerhouse.
The First Prize {Two Guineas) has been won
by Kenelm (Francis W. Yorke, r3 Albany Place,
Stratford-on-A von).

The Second Prize {One Guinea) by Blues
(Alick Horsnel, South Primrose Hill, Chelmsford).

Hon. Mention : — Brush (Percy Lancaster);
Gleeson (C. J. White) ; Pecksniff (William Pyper):
Curlew (L. G. Bird); Jim the Penman (J. Prior);
Mamarbashi (C. P. Carter); Onyx (R, F. Cerrito);
Abt Vogler{S. C. Ramsey); Pooh-Bah (C. E. Jack-
son); Yeo (W. Huxley); Cigarette (G. Fraser);
Chelsea (W. Kidd); and Chapenga (J. J. Witcombe).
Design for a Street Lamp-Post and Lamp.
The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been
awarded to Lamplighter (J. P. Hully, New Road,

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Tramp
(David Veazey, 27 Rectory Place, Woolwich).

Hon. Mention: Lamplighter (J. P. Hully);
Ptncil (Bertram Ashworth); Merlin (B. A. Lewis);
Skulk (W. H. Dry); Bloom (T. A. Cook); Morgan
(P. M. Gustin); and Tramp (D. Veazey).

Design for an End-Paper.

A good many designs are tail pieces rather than
end-papers, and for this reason they are disqualified;
but they may be sent in again for a forthcoming
competition on tail-pieces.

The First Prize {One Guinea) has been
awarded to Isca (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place,
St. James's, Exeter).

The Second Prize {Half-a-Guinea) to Nadia
(F. Thibaut, 23, Rue de l'Abbe Gregoire, Paris).

Hon. Mention :—Isca (Ethel Larcombe) ; Lino
(C. J. Beese); Arcturus (Marguerite Igglesden).
(B XXV.)
Design for an Advertisement.

The First Prize (One Guinea) has been won
by Ctirlew (L. G. Bird, 3 Minor Canon Row,

The Second Prize {Half-a-Guinea) by Isca
(Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter).

Hon. Mention : Phil (Edward Phillips); Brush
(Percy Lancaster); Flying Fish (Lilian Rusbridge);
Wagner (F. Carter) ; Sloan Garter (A. Tuyrayne);
Malvolio (Olive Allen); Limpet (J. Davy Dean);
Egmont (Walter Russell); and Maida (W. H.
Wilke, Paris).

Study of Mist or Fog.

The First Prize {One Guinea) is awarded to
Fozy (Victor Stouffs, 49 Avenue Louise, Brussels).

The Second Prize {Haifa-Guinea) to Hardyal
(Dr. F. B. Jefferies, 4 New Road Avenue, Chatham).

Hon. Mention: Brant (C.E.Saunders); Bromide
(H. L. Michael); Bosham (E. E. Manwaring); E. A.
(E. Adelot); Whiskers (G. H. Gidman); and
Virumhuus (Carl Frederiksen).
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