Studio: international art — 28.1903

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A Suburban House and Garden

SOME NOTES ON A SUBURBAN A reference to the plan and various views will

HOUSE AND GARDEN. BY demonstrate the difficulties of the site, which is in

HUGH P. G. MAULE. shape like an irregular kite, bounded on the north
and east by the high road, from which the land

Much has been written of late on the revival falls rapidly. It is clear, therefore, that the varying

of English gardening, but it has chiefly had refer- changes of level should form the motif oi the whole

ence to large gardens and fine houses, and too scheme, and should dominate the relationship

little regard has been paid to the smaller kinds, between house and garden. It is just this combin-

which really almost equally deserve our attention, ation of house with garden, and the manner in

and which well repay an attempt at analysis and which each has been treated individually, as well as

study. in its relationship to the other, which claims our

The illustrations of this garden and house at attention.

Harrow, designed by Mr. Arnold Mitchell for The archway and forecourt which so effectively

himself, are worthy of some consideration; for screen the entrance from the road, the terrace

though the site is contracted and difficult to treat, and garden steps set out where the greatest length

it is a good example of what can and might be can be obtained, the skilful seizing of the most

done in scores of cases to attain unity of concep- level portion for a lawn as a children's playground,

tion and a definite combination of house with show conclusively what an important part the

garden, even though the area be limited in extent garden has played in determining the exact posi-

and the house but a small one. tion of the house, and that it has been an important

Mr. Arnold Mitchell has fully realised that a factor in its plan, and that the site, difficult as it

site, no matter how small (and this is only one- is, has been treated as a whole. Indeed, if

third of an acre), is capable of definite treatment, these and the garden surroundings generally be

provided the correct scale is kept in all the parts, eliminated, the plan of the house becomes almost

and planning in the grand manner is not attempted meaningless.

in such a small and confined area. The result is that the utmost advantage has been
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