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Impressionist Painting

IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING : ITS ditions and discoveries of their most honoured

GENESIS AND DEVELOPMENT Academicians at the most brilliant period in the
history of the Royal Academy.

-FIRST ARTICLE. BY WYN- In studying this interesting subject I have been

FORD DEWHURST. more and more impressed by the enormous

influence which British painting of the period of

In two short magazine articles purporting to 1790 to 1850 had upon the inception of the im-

embrace so vast a subject, one is, of course, pressionist idea, and by the fact that to Constable,

limited to the barest summary of the periods, Turner, Bonington, and Watts belong the honours

methods, and sources of the inception and due to pioneers and originators,

growth of the impressionist idea. Concerning No British artist appears then to have fully

the leaders of the movement, of whom so much grasped the significance of the work of these men,

has already been written, only a few remarks will nor to have profited by their invaluable discoveries,

be made here, the intention being rather to cry back They were evidently too much in advance of their

and to discuss the efforts of the lesser known men time, and the idea went abroad for cultivation and

who link up the painters of 1830 with those of 1870. fruition, like many another good thing germinated

It is my object to show that the Englishmen on these shores,

who painted in the methods of the French im- Let us briefly examine some of the technical

pressionists, and were frequently charged with methods of modern impressionism and compare

being mere imitators, as a matter of fact merely them with those of Constable, Turner, Bonington,

brought back their own, and carried on the tra- and Watts.

'a rotterdam canal" (By permission of M. Durand-Ruel) by jongkind

XXVIII. No. 121.—April, 1903. 159
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