Studio: international art — 28.1903

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

On page 3 the Church of St. Peter at Rome is The Second Prize {Two Guineas), by Fire (M.

described as the " ugliest of the buildings raised in Hergesell, I. Stubenring 3, Vienna).

Europe before the nineteenth century." As if this Honourable Mention : Craftsman (George

were not enough, we read of it a few lines further Wilson); Severity (John Ednie); Nova (W. C.

on as the church which " still curses the mightiest Dixon); Eva (E. van Averbeke, Antwerp) ; and

city of the world." The present volume contains Quag (H. G. Lidstone).

much like extravagant denunciation. The most (q XXIX.)

interesting of the papers to us is that entitled a Cottage Interior.

"The Influence of Building Materials upon Archi- The First Prize {One Guinea) is awarded to

lecture," and that " On the External Coverings of Mask (Thomas Kent, Albert Square, Kirkwall).

Roofs." We note with profound approval that the The Second Prize {Half-a-Guinea), to Resugga

bad roof-coverings include "milled lead, mechani- (Mrs_ H_ McL, Hutchison, 8 Baring Crescent,

cally-made tiles, Welsh blue slates (one of the Exeter).

greatest curses of the age), and corrugated galva- Honourable Mention : Brer Rabbit (Bernard

nised iron and zinc (now spreading like a pestilence Moore); Nomad (E. Frechon); Brittany (coupon

over the country)." Here we are heart and soul missing); Lux (Dr. Cecil Shaw); No Trumps

with Mr. William Morris's " best bad language." (Miss M_ Noble); and Rainbow (C. E. Wanless).



Design for a Cloth Binding
of an Illustrated Edition of
Shakespeare's Works.

The First Prize {Five Guineas)
has been awarded to Southern
Star (Florence Broome, "Pen-
darvis," Combermere Road, St.

The Second Prize {Three
Guineas) to Mac (George Mac-
kintosh, 6 Park Avenue, Dundee,

Honourable Mention: Toustan
(J. A. Cotes); Curlew (E. G.
Bird); Odavia (Fanny Pickering);
Doric (G. W. Mason); Kris
(Christine Gregory) ; Eager (Miss

G. Winter) ; Tony (H. G. Gaw-
thorn); Nid (Enid L. Rouse);
Pirate (G. S. Brown); Flying Fish
(Lilian Rusbridge); Rowan
(Beatrice Herdman); Imaida (W.

H. Wilke); Chelvie (H. L. Vahey).


Design for a Mantelpiece.

The First Prize {Three
Guineas) has been won by Castle
Grey (Francis E. J. Oatley, 70
Locksbrook Road, Lower Weston,

Bath), first prize (comp. a xxxix) "castle grey'

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