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THE Works of Mr. Alderman Copeland, for the

manufacture of Porcelain and Earthenware

are at Stoke-upon-Trent,—the principal town of

commonest article 01 earthenware—manufac- compartment allotted to Mr. Copeland in the
tured for exportation by tens of thousands. The Exhibition cannot fail to be universally attrac-
tive,—not alone because of the grace and beauty

the Staffordshire potteries: his London estab-
lishment is in New Bond Street. The artist
who presides over the works is Mr. Thomas

Battam, whose taste, judgment, and experience
have been largely exercised to secure for this
manufactory the high reputation it enjoys, not
only in England, but throughout Europe, in
Asia, and m America. The list of the Alder-
man s productions comprises all classes of
gi>°xf ~ fr°m the statuary porcelain figure
and the elaborately decorated vase, to the

of the articles shown, but as exhibiting our pro-
gress in a class of art upon which much of our
commercial prosperity must depend. The collec-
tion will be carefully examined, and by foreigners
especially, who will find much to admire, and much

that will by no means suffer in comparison with
the best productions of Dresden and Sevres—
always bearing in mind that at these Royal works
objects are occasionally produced at national
cost: such as those now to be found upon the
stalls allotted to these famous factories; and
that to expect private enterprise to enter
into competition with them would be neither
reasonable nor fair. At the same time it is only