Whittock, Nathaniel
The Art Of Drawing And Colouring From Nature, Flowers, Fruit, And Shells: To Which Is Added, Correct Directions For Preparing The Most Brilliant Colours For Painting On Velvet, With The Mode Of Using Them, Also The New Method Of Oriental Tinting ; With Plain And Coloured Drawings — London, 1829

Page: 36
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This light and elegant ssower will form one os the great ornaments
of a group, from the sanciful curves of the stalk and tendrils. Like all
other flowers the stalk must be drawn sirst, and points marked upon it,
to shew where the sootstalks of the leaves and the stalk bearing the
flower are inserted. The leaves in this drawing will require to be
very accurately marked, and the ssowers should be draAvn with great
care, but with a very light hand, so that there may be no occasion sor
using either bread or indian rubber. In colouring the ssowers it will be
advisable to begin with the light blue tint, letting the colour be first
washed round the edges os the ssower, and sostened ois towards the
The learner will perceive, by studying the copy, that there are sour
shades os blue in this ssower, blended one into the other; and in all
cases in water colours the lightest tint must be applied sirst. The
same tint must be applied sirst to all the ssowers in this subject: it is
sormed with a light tint os prussian blue. The second tint is prussian
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