Whittock, Nathaniel
The Art Of Drawing And Colouring From Nature, Flowers, Fruit, And Shells: To Which Is Added, Correct Directions For Preparing The Most Brilliant Colours For Painting On Velvet, With The Mode Of Using Them, Also The New Method Of Oriental Tinting ; With Plain And Coloured Drawings — London, 1829

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being white, the hollow in the centre, from which the stamens proceed,
is a light delicate green. The stamens are best sormed with body, by
working a little king's yellow with permanent white : the shadow os
the stamens is burnt sienna. The dark marking on the petals is a
purple, formed with lake and blue. The leaves should be put in strong
light and shade, with neutral tint, before any colour is applied; they
can be strengthened, and half tints given, by being retouched with
colour formed with blue, raw sienna, and gamboge.

This group of single anemones will, at sirst sight, appear exceedingly
easy to execute, but the student will sind, srom the variety os tint, and
the size of the slowers, which will shew any desect much stronger than
smaller ones, that they are by no means so easy as most os the preced-
ing examples; and as the lessons on flower painting in water colours
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