The yellow book: an illustrated quarterly — 13.1897

Page: 256
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256 Kit: an American Boy

“She is worse, doctor. You are to come—come at once ! ”

Then they raced back, and the old doctor mounted on his tall,
raw-boned gray, came in no mean second.

When the morning broke it found Judy better. Relief had
come to her at a critical moment, and an awkward crisis was
safely passed.

A week later, almost herself again, she and Kit stood by the
drive, while Joe led out Annie, harnessed to the little phaeton.

“ She is a proud steppin’ beast, Master Kit—and no mistake—
and have more spirit than a two-year-old.”

“ Yes, Joe ; you are right.”

When Judy was comfortably seated, and her cushions properly
placed, Kit sprang in by her side and took the reins.

“ What have you done about that tire, Joe ? ”

“ Mended it, sir.”

“ Well—I am rather off wheeling for the present. The thing
is yours, if you like. I shan’t want it again. Here ! mind your-
self, old girl. What are you up to ? ”

But Annie could not help it. With a snort of triumph she
dashed down the drive and out into the road, and refused to be
reined up until she had gone a mad mile or two.

Later, Kit explained :

“ A wheel is right enough for sport, Judy, but you can’t count
on anything in trouble that doesn’t know howto feel. Annie is
good enough for me.”
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