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Studio: international art — 20.1900

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1 cm
Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions


WARDS IN " THE STUDIO " Embroidered Book-cover.


The First Prize (One Guinea) is awarded to

Design for The Sergeant-Major (Walter George, Oakenclough,

„ Limehurst, Ashton-under-Lyne).

a Catalogue Cover. , , ~, . . .

The Second Prize {Half a Guinea) to .£?«

(A XLIX.) (Isobel B. Williamson, 28, Avenue Mansions,

„ _ _ _ . . . , , South Hampstead, N.W.).

I he riRST Prize (Three Guineas) is awarded to TT . . ... . „, „ ,.

T„ , „ .1. , , __, / „ _ Honourable mention is given to ^4. vk. K. (Amy

West Countryman (Edward H. Atwell, 12, Gay 0 , . -n r.u j \

Street B h") Mary Rust), Z?/ac/& iyteaw (Marjory P. Rhodes),

' Ballibhattan (Millicent Beveridge), Granny (Mary

The Second Prize (Two Guineas) to Malvolio E. Kenrick), (Ethel Larcombe), King (Oswald
(Olive Allen, The North Hall, Launceston, Corn- E. Prest), Leeksey (Ernest A. Taylor), Malvolio
wall). (Olive Allen), and Pussie (Miss G. M. Simmonds).

Photographs from Nature.
Study of Fish.

Honourable mention is given to Pan (Fred H. The awards in this competition are withheld,
Ball), and Scott (Lydia Scottsberg). the photographs not being of sufficient merit.

The Third Prize (One Guinea) to Ships (C.
Howship, 30, Sebert Road, Forest Gate, E.).

first'"prize (comp. bxlix.) by "the sergeant-major"


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