Studio: international art — 20.1900

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

a church-choir carpet, executed in a scheme Ball, Thome Whaite, R. W. Allan, H. Brabazon,

of blue after a remarkable design by Van Offel; Kate Greenaway, G. Clausen, A.R.A., Clara

a very interesting piece of door glass-work, Montalba, Edgar Bundy, Leslie Thomson, Sir

representing the prow of a Viking vessel, by Van F. Powell, J. Aumonier, T. Austen-Brown, Robert

Averbeke • a fire-grate in iron and copper by the Little, Byam Shaw, Rose Barton, J. R. Weguelin,

same artist; a lamp in hand-wrought iron by Alexander McBride, R. B. Nisbet, H. S. Tuke,

Verhees, and some truly original bindings by Alfred. A.R.A., James Paterson, and others.
Among other sculpture of varying merit was a

charming female figure by Anthone, symbolising A WARDS IN "THE STUDIO"

the flower known as PensSe or heartsease; a little /\ PRIZE COMPETITIONS,

figure full of grace and simplicity, by Geleyn ; also / \

several rough models for statues by Dupon, F. Design for a Clock Case.

Decken, H. Deckers, Baggen, Joris, Strijmans, and (A XLVIII.)

VanPerck. The draughtsmen sent a most interest- The First Prize kTwo guineas) is awarded

ing collection. Many of the members are applying t0 TramP (D- Veazey, to Brewer Street, Woolwich),

themselves very successfully to illustration, and The Second Prize (One guinea) to Damon

here they have been displaying numerous drawings, (C J- Shaw> South Grove- Erdingtipn, Birmingham),

intended, some for the ornamentation of books or Honourable mention is given to the following:

magazines, and others for artistic post-cards. Ursa MaJor (S- N- Simmons, Woburn Hill, Addle-

__ stone, Surrey), illustraled; Bruno (Thomas Cook) ;

The "de Skalden" men are quietly doing that Genevieve (Josephine Riverstone); Lino(C. J. Beese).

which older and more influential societies dare not Design for a Pictorial Bookplate (Ex-Libris).

attempt. This year they have published in almanac (B XLVIII)

form their third annuaire, tastefully printed and The First Prize {Two guineas) is awarded to

bound by De Vos-Van der Groen. This almanac Gar(E. G. Perman, 50 Chelsham Road, Clapham).

contains verses in the Netherlands tongue for each The Second Prize (One guinea) to Sal (S. A

month in the year, together with drawings of Lindsey, " Limnersland," Southbourne, Hants),

considerable interest by Van Offel, Van Averbeke, Honourable mention is given to the following:

Cohens, Van Neste and others. Abrach (Miss Aberigh-Mackay, 9 Chenies Street

_ Chambers, Gower Street, W.C.); Ahue (Arthur H.

Space lacks, or I would do more than make Verstage, Park Villa, Godalming); Enid (Enid M.

bare mention of the plans and schemes of the Jackson, 12 Forest Road, Birkenhead); Excelsior

architects Van Mechelen, Diehl and Van Averbeke, (Auguste Kichler, 28 Waldstrasse, Darmstadt,

and of the designs for medals by Baetes, the able Germany); Fairy Glen (Scott Calder, The Rosery,

and hard-working President. A fact on which I Bookham Common, near Leatherhead); Isca (Ethel

insist with satisfaction is this : that the works of Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's, Exeter);

the Antwerp members are all distinguished by a Jawkor (Janet S C. Simpson, 199 Camberwell

very characteristic Flemish and Germanic ten- Grove, Denmark Hill, S.E.); Malvolio (Olive

dency_ P. de M. Mien, The North Hall, Launceston, Cornwall);

- Pomona (Miss L. J. Ward, Silverton, Exeter);

The Special Summer Number of The Studio, Sablier (Edward H. Rouse, 33 Chesholm Road,

1900, entitled " Modern British Water-Colour Stoke Newington, N.) these are illustrated; Heather-

Drawings," will contain twelve facsimile repro- Bleat (John McHutchon); Murre (Lydia Skotts-

ductions in colours, as well as a large number berg); Seventeen (Birger Brunila).

of other illustrations after selected works by Study of Cut Flowers.

G. Wetherbee, G. S. Elgood, Walter Langley, (D XXXII)

J. Fulleylove, G. C. Haite, J. W. North, A.R.A., The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to

Napier Hemy, A.R.A., Albert Goodwin, Professor Photogram (E. Baynes Rock, Saville Lod^e

von Herkomer, R.A., Alfred East, A.R.A., Mrs. Bromley Road, Beckenham, Kent).

Allingham, E. H. Wimperis, Eyre Walker, Sir The Second Prize (Halj-a-guined) to Nature

J. D. Linton, E. A. Waterlow, A.R.A., Moffat (Mrs. Caleb Keene, 112 Gloster Road, Bristol).

Lindner, F. G. Cotman, C. J. Watson, Matthew Honourable mention is given to the following

Hale, Hugh Carter, Frank Walton, Herbert Mar- Sweet Pea (Miss P. Rochussen); Ullswater (J. C.

shall, Lionel Smythe, A.R.A., A. W. Rich, Wilfrid Varty Smith).

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