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Sporting Cups.

UGGESTIONS FOR THE IM- the barrel-organs have rendered hateful. To
PROVEMENT OF SPORTING many people of taste' that is t0 sav> ft is a thinS
rnpc « vrri T R O P R T F q "0t discredited> but even vulgarised out of

recognition; and to such persons, clearly, the art
value of silver has to be rediscovered.

Something to this end may be done by every
"Ah, que de choses dans tin menuetI" cried worker in silver who is gifted with a true sensi-
Marcel, the great dancing-master ; and ah, we bility of what is beautiful. Thus equipped, he will
may cry, what things go to the making of really take advantage of the many means by which he can
fine sporting cups and trophies ! There must be give to his productions an aspect that is pleasing
felicity of invention, knowledge of colour, justness and unfamiliar. For instance, he will avoid in
of proportion, variety and charm of workmanship, his treatment of the metal any kind of surface
and charm and variety of style, of motif, and also having the least resemblance to the sleek,
of material. These good
things were hinted at in

the first and some ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

of them were thoughtfully
suggested by Mr. Reynolds-
Stephens, in his two

modelled sketch-designs. liHffS^r^T"" "'^SSHhS!

Connected with these
designs there is one point

of particular interest, and, ,
as it happens to be asso- .,-«*•
dated with another one Hh7 /9K ', j

that touches the very heart

of our subject we feel flf/W f , wjj§)

called upon to refer to it ^
once more. The point in
question concerns the fact
that Mr. Reynolds-

portance 0^ this feat of
craftsmanship cannot be
thoroughly appreciated
unless we bear in mind
that silver, when considered
from a point of view of art,

same case with that of a silver loving cup by mary g. Houston

good piece of music which (Designedexpressly for "The Studio." Copyright reserved by i he designer)

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