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"little st. bride of the mantle" ('See Livervool Studio- Talk) by Gertrude a. Williams

REVIEWS. ably more so than many of the European imita-

tions of Far Eastern work. Miss Smith has a rare

Annancy Stories. By Pamela Colman Smith, sense of humour, and she is also possessed of the
(New York : R. H. Russell.) most important qualifications that go to make the

Widdicombe Fair. With pictures by Pamela successful caricaturist. Perception and knowledge
Colman Smith. (New York and London : Harper of form are at present lacking in her work, rather
and Brothers.)—Miss Pamela Colman Smith is a than power of expression. But her failings are
young lady artist and author from Jamaica who has only such as experience and time can easily remedy,
recently settled in the United States. As an illus- and we shall look forward with confidence to the
trator she possesses some remarkable qualities of satisfactory development of her unquestionable
boldness and individuality, and—if she is able to talents.

preserve these qualities—while maturing and per- Die Buecher der Chronika der drei Schwestern.
fecting the more technical side of her work, she Illustrirt von H. Letter und J. Urban. (Berlin :
will probably achieve no little eminence as a book J. A. Stargardt.)—The important drawings which
illustrator and decorator. accompany this remarkable fairy romance, and

Her productions are seen
at their best in the coloured
stencil-pictures illustrating
the poem Widdicombe Fair.
These are quite astonishing
in their ingenuousness and
in their force of delinea-
tion; while, as examples
of coloured hand-stencil
work, they are altogether
unique. Although her
methods are in no sense
an imitation of the tech-
nique and mannerism of
the Japanese, yet the result
in the case of these coloured
pictures—prints we cannot
justly term them—is quite
as decoratively satisfactory
as are the best Japanese design for a catalogue cover by olive allen

COlour-printS, and consider- (See Liver-tool Studio-Talk)

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