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requirements, make it conformable to our present bordering of pale-coloured glass, is a little divan

ideas of comfort—give it, in fact, the impress of covered with a brocade similar to that on the walls,

the age. Obviously, there were many and serious On the floor are silken carpets here and there, and

difficulties to be overcome ere this result was in one corner stands a screen, a perfect gem of art.

achieved; but that success has been attained no All the rest is equally beautiful, and one cannot

one can dispute, for the Boudoir de l'Art Nouveau praise too highly the artist who has contrived to

Bing constitutes one of the first examples of style combine so many materials into this perfectly

produced by the renaissance of decorative art in harmonious ensemble. It all seems specially devised

France. as a background for Helleu's female figures, for

All the woodwork in the furniture of this room assuredly no setting could be found better suited

is gilded, and everything has its distinct individu- to his delightfully graceful subjects,

ality. The chairs are covered with silk embroidery ; Such, briefly, is the display of the "Art Nouveau

the walls are hung with brocade; while the fire- Bing," one of the most perfect pieces of combined

place of white marble is designed in the form of decorative art-work in the whole Exhibition. It

stalks, which support the mantelpiece. Around does the highest honour alike to the creative

the hearth is a strip of opaline, framed in repousse artists and to him who inspired them,

brass. In a large bay, and ornamented with a Gabriel Mourey.

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(From our own Correspondents.)

water-colour draw-
ings by Mr. H. L.
Norris that have
been recently exhibited in
the galleries of the Fine Art
Society deserve to be re-
membered as examples of
dainty accomplishment.
Their technical strength,
their delicate freshness of
colour, and their charm of
atmospheric effect, made
them, as a group, very well
worthy of the attention of
all people who like to see
pretty motives well ex-
pressed. Some of the most
interesting things in the
collection were obviously
direct transcriptions from
nature set down with a
straightforward simplicity
that was not concerned
with tricks of finish and
elaboration, and depended
solely upon correct know-
ledge of open-air tones and
colour gradation ; but even
the more laboured drawings
JM I were free from convention,

and were sincerely carried
out under the inspiration of

screen by g. de feure independent and intelligent

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