Studio: international art — 20.1900

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A Decorative Painting by Sir J. D. Linton

"boccaccio; the opening scene in the decamerone" by sir james d. linton

(By permission of the Fine Art Society)

gradually, but surely, swept away. I have myself blinded by this delusion, denies all merit to
seen excellent old woodwork thrown on the grass the works of other styles and periods less
in a churchyard to rot
or to be carted off by the
villagers as firewood.
J. Henwood Blamey.


There is at the present
time a very evident tendency
in certain sections of the art
world to take an unneces-
sarily narrow view of the
possibilities and functions
of decorative art. This
tendency has had its origin,
partly in a rather wide-
spread misconception of the
real purposes of decoration,
and partly in a fashion that
is based upon a wholly irra-
tional notion that the shape
and character of ornamental
design have been fixed for
all time by the products of
certain styles and periods.
The crowd that follows these
ideas, with the misdirected
enthusiasm that is too often
the vice of the unoriginal,
professes to regard idiosyn-
crasies and tricks of expres-
sion as being really in the
nature of revelations of the STnnv „no nmr„rrm. .,,„„ ™„.„r

study for boccaccio, i he opening by sir james d linton

greatest truths of art; and, scene in the decamerone"

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