The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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may require on any fubject. And although
fome of the principal fubjedts introduced,
might with great propriety have formed
another Series of Lectures, (as originally
compofed by the Author) yet being moftly
of diftincl: natures, and not connected to-
gether by any near relation, it has been
determined to introduce them here ; where
alfo they may agreeably diverfify the lift of
technical terms, whofe explanations are
not expected to boaft of much amufement
or livelinefs, however they may be thought
indifpenfable on account of their utility.

As this is probably the iaft opportunity
this work may afford us of addreffing the
Public, we beg leave to return our fincereft
gratitude for the many favours we have re-
ceived during its continuance : and efpeci-
ally to thofe Correfpondents who have
honoured us with much information and
advice. Nor can we omit to acknow-
ledge that we feel very fenfibly the kind-
nefsof thofe gentlemen, who, fince we com-
municated our intention of an early termi-

4 nation,
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