The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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At prefent, it is rather termed a Glory ; its ufe is t©
diftinguifh theperfonages to whom it is applied, when no
particular or ftriking action is performing by them.

NOBLE, is fpoken of an artift, as he has elevated
and grand ideas of his fubjects ; or, of a picture, as it
contains a fubject nobly treated, free from bafe, low,
mean, and vile ideas, characters, expreflions, &c. from
degrading and difagreeable effects of any kind. Some
perfons have a happy talent of rendering even trifling
fubjects in a happy and noble manner.

NUDITY is fometimes taken for the naked in
general, but ufually forthofe parts which Nature teaches
to conceal. That any good painter fliould find fatis~
faction in reprefenting, or in omitting to conceal them,
is aftonifhing !


OPPOSITION of colours (the fame as Antipa-
thy), of lights and fhadows, of forms, of cha-
racters, of effects, of expreflions, contributes to excel-
lence, by diverfity and force.

OPTICS, is a neceffary ftudy to artifts ; not only as
it forms part of Perspective, but as it teaches them
What effects their works are likely to have when finifhed,
and placed in their ftations. The effects of natural ob-
jects being altogether fubject to the rules of optics, muft
needs reader this ftudy defirable to an artift. Its princi-
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