The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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too numerous, the fimplicity of the group is deftroyed.
When a coinpofition requires feveral groups, they
fhould be arranged on the principle of a group itfelf;
that is to lay, that the parts, though related, fhould
yet be diftincl, and the principal fuffer no abate-
ment : Thus a large compofkion is a group of groups,
always offering a firft, or chief; and fuch fupports as
are requifite j generally a fecond, and a third ; more
groups would embarrafs attention, lefs would be heavy
and confufed, as well as prevent the neceflary vacan-
cies which divide without diftancing them. In a hif-
tory containing twelve figures (which are ufually fuf-
ficient for any ftory), three groups will permit each
figure to be diftincl:, without injuring the importance of
the principal.


TTARMONY is the refult of a judicious, propor-
JL J. donate, varied, yet connected management of
chiaro ofcuro, colouring, drawing, &c.

The term is generally adopted in reference to colour-
ing : Its principles arc (I) Union, the abfence of ini-
mical and heterogeneous colours and tints, (II) Va-
riety, whereby every colour is heightened, and ren-
dered more piquant, yet with delicacy and fkill.

Some perfons have fuppofed that a harmony of co-
lours might be formed on the principles of mufic; but
the idea feems impracticable.

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