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ioo G R O

others varying in medium tints: As in the bunch of
grapes, thofe in the center are confpicuous, others re-
cede, as well in effect as in fituation, going off gradu-
ally, without any offenfive fuddennefs, while the infi-
nitely varying reflections preferve a harmony, and
augment the fpefiacle, without permitting glare.

GROTESQUE is a kind of ftyle in painting and
fculpture, which takes unbounded liberties with the
human figure, or other objects; beginning, for inftance,
with a cherub's head and body, and ending in a wreath
of ornament; or to a lion's fore part, uniting caprici-
ous and whimfical decorations, varioufly coloured, &c.

They are called grotefques, becaufe imitated from the
fubterranean ruins of the baths of Titus (called
grotto.). Giovanni da Udine was the reftorer of this
libertine manner, as Vitruvius has juffly reproached
it with being ; it however maintains a place, becaufe
convenient for ornament.

GROUP, is both in painting and fculpture, an af~
femblage of feveral figures. The term is extended to
affemblages of all kinds of objects, animals, fruit, Sec.
The figures in a group ought to have a relation to each
other, a correfponclence, and mutuality; they ought
to contribute to the fame action, and to raife the fame,
or at leaft a fimilar, fenfation. Groups are thus confi-
dered with refpect to compofition. Alio in clair ob-
fcure, they are objects whereon the light falls, fo as to
raife attention, and from which fhadows originate, fo
as to fupport the lights; whereby the eye regards the
group as a fimple object. Any number of figures may
enter into a group, but it is evident that if they are

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