The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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G R A 99

sflfo. In a word, grace is a happy felection of nature,
ifeen in her beft moments : which, when repeated, ex-
cites love rather than admiration, and pleafure mingled
with approbation, rather than furprife : It pervades
the whole figure, from head to foot, by variety, yet
union, by harmony and intimate relation, although di-
versified by innumerable distinctions and changes.

GRANDEUR is dignity united to grace: it is a no-
blenefs and Superiority, connected with eafe and polite-
Eefs. That this quality, as well as grace, Should vary
with different perfons is not wonderful; and while the
fenfations of mankind are (ah origine) diftinct, and arife
from unequal and variable motions of the mind, there
will always be diverfity of opinions, both on grace and
grandeur. In fact, this diverfity of opinions, and Sen-
timents, and ideas, is among the infuperable impedi-
ments to a definition of grace : At the fame time that
it is a happy circumftance for artifts, whofe works are
therefore likely, if rejected by fome., to be admired by

Grandeur of manner, is intimately connected with
a rejection of the minute and trifling parts of a fubject,
bringing forward the more important and noble parts,
and placing them to the beft advantage, without any
competitors whereby to divert the eye from their com-
plete effect. s

GRAPES, bunch of, is the model which nature
offers to artifts for their conduct in composition, efpeci-
ally of the chiaro ofcuro ; wherein the parts are fo dif-
pofed, that they form a whole, in which many conti-
guous parts may be enlightened, many in Shade, and

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