The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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ANT 13

is heightened, the others are correfpondently deprefled ;
or, as others are deprefled, fome particular object
is heightened. To determine which mould give
place, and which mould take it, is the province of

ANTIQUE is a term ufually applied to all the pro-
ductions of architecture, painting, and fculpture, dur-
ing the beft times of Greece and Rome : which may be
permitted to comprehend from the time of Alexander
to that of the Emperor Phocas ; in whofe reign the
Goths ravaged Italy, and deftroyed the nobleft works of
genius of former ages. Not that during the above pe-
riod the arts were equally excellent, yet they poflefled
much merit, efpecially compared with fucceeding times.
The French (vide Felibien) have made, at lcaft for-
merly, a diftinclion between ancient figures, calling
thern antiques ; and ancient buildings, calling them an-

The antique is regarded as a model and rule for the
defigner and fculptor ; and it muft be confeffed, the pu-
rity and grace of the antique is unrivalled ; the antient
artifts paying to thefe principles their chief attention,
and poflefling advantages for their perfection, which we
do not enjoy. Italy is now the grand fchool of antient
art: it is reforted to by numbers of young artifts, who
wifh to perfect their ftudies ; and of gentlemen, whofe
curiolity leads them after fuch fubjects. Not that every
piece of antiquity is valuable for its merit, or at leaft for
merit furpafling modern art; although we confefs the
capital inftances of antient fkill, muft ever be placed in
the higheft rank of excellence,

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