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B A L,


Contrail: affifts attitude . in the attitudes of a groupe
of figures, contrail is indifpenfable. The antagonift
mulcles of the body impart a contraft, one feries being in
exertion while the other is at reft, and fo on alternately,
as it were, double fets of fprings relieving each other.

Attitude mould not be tame, infipid, lifelefs, and
inert \ nor yet fwaggering and pompous : but decorous,
animated, and graceful.

The attitudes of models mould not be too clofely de-
pended on. Nature is the general and only adequate
guide on the fubjecl: of attitude.

^ B.

"OA LANCE: a piece whofe forms, lights and
■V^ fhades, colours, and expreftion, are happily adapt-
ed to its various parts, may be faid to be well ba-
lanced ; or, that no part of the picture poffeffes undue
preponderance : but to feek to make an exact balance
of all parts, is to counteract the effects of compofition,
colouring, light and fhade, and every other valuable

BALANCE of Painters is a comparative eftimatc
of their merits, fir ft formed by Monf. dq Piles,
who has thus ftatcd his judgment of the mo ft cele-
brated mafters.

He divides painting into compofition, defign, colour-
ing, and expreftion : in each of thefe branches he con-
fiders 20 as the higheft poflible attainment, or perfection.;
under that he places the degrees of merit to which
each mafter has advanced in aiming at 20. The fcheme
may be acceptable to our readers.


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