The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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BAS RELIEF, or Basso relievo, is a kind of
fculpture related to alto relievo, but wherein the projec-
tion of the figures from the back ground, is by no means
equally advanced : but they are nearer to the plane of
the back ground. When a bas relief is very little
raifed, it requires a peculiar and ftrong light to fee. it
in perfection.

BATTLE PIEGE, is a name given among painters
to a picture reprefenting a fkirmifh, combat, foldiers in
warlike movements, &c

Fire and animation, form the principal and diftin-
guifhing characteristic of this clafs of pictures ; which,
however, at firft fight, it may be thought to delight in
fubjects unpleafmg, and perhaps too melancholy for the
canvas; yet, by the management, vivacity, and vigour,
of fome painters, pofTefTes many attractive ingredients.
Nothing requires, or better admits excellent manage-
ment of light, fprightly and lively effect:, and that kind
of rapidity, where high finifhing yields to fpirited

Battle is among thofe fubjects not to be accurately
inveftigated by the general rules of compofition ; the
indifpenfable multitude of figures, the tumult, the con-
fufion, the clouds of duft, the ftreams of gore, the
extravagant exertions of men fighting for their lives, of
others dying, the plunder of the dead, the horrors of
fuch carnage, require the moii vivid expreffion, and
whatever beft expreffes them is to be chofen, although
it may not perfectly coincide with the ufual precepts of

Only thofe can paint battles juftly, who have been


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