The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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B L A 2f

Beautiful forms muft be chofen among the antique :
beautiful colouring from nature : beautiful compofition
from the ftudies of great mafters, and thofe accidental
occurrences which happen from time to time among
fociety: beautiful light and made may be affifted by
the camera obfcura.

Beautiful is metaphorically ufed to fignify that
which has ferved to produce beauty, as we fay fuch an
one polfeffes a beautiful pencil, a beautiful tool, chifTel,
graver, &c.

BIRD'S-EYE view, in perfpeclive, is a fpecies of
view, in which the eye of the fpe&ator is fuppofed to
be very greatly exalted above the horizontal level of the
objects he furveys ; fo that he may be faid to look down
upon them. Thus, with regard to a building, he may
fee feveral courts one behind another, by looking over
the tops of the edifice. This artifice affords an oppor-
tunity of fhewing at the fame time, the plan and dif-
tribution of an extenfive fubjecl ; together with the
elevation and effect of it's more important erections.
The eye being placed in a fiation fo very much higher
than ufual, may be fuppofed to infpeft a proportionately
extenfive range of objects. This principle is very
ufeful in reprefenting fortifications, palaces, gardens, &c.

The perfpeclive principles required in treating a
Bird's-eye view, are not foreign from thofe already
given \ the very great height of the horizontal line be-
ing the chief difference.

BLACK AND WHITE is pretty much fynonimous
With Chiaro Oscuro, both in its general principles,
and in the application of the term,

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