The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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CAB 3;!

ated, intermixed, debafed, fo that its rays never arrive
at the eye pure, but fullied by acceffory reflexions. Add
likewife, the neceffity of union and harmony with fur-
rounding colours, fo that the whole may be agreeable \
and the neceffity of moderating, or of heightening fome
or others. Addalfo, that finifhing is nothing more than
the exacl tone of colour incident to each part \ and it
appears clearly, that the colours mud be fo intermingled
and broken, that only a fmall portion of them retains its
native hue.

This artifice, like all others, may be carried too far ;
and thereby the colours lofe their energy and force, to-
gether with their fimplicity, and purity. Colours too
much allayed and confufed, never ftand well: befides that,
they are apt to become mealy by unneceffary teazing.

BUST, or Busto, is a term applied in fculpture, to
the upper parts of a figure, and contains the head,
fhoulders and cheft: the arms are omitted. It may be
thought tb anfwer to a" half-length in painting.


40 A B I N E T is underftood of a collection of works
of art, difpofed to advantage for infpedlion by the
curious. In this view, they are very agreeable recre-
ations; as by their variety, and their excellences, if
judicioully felecled and arranged, they afford perpetual
novelty and delight. They difcover alfo the compa-
rative excellence of art, at its various periods, its rife
Or its decline : or of a matter, if his works are fuf-
ficiently numerous; they affemble many articles, which
difperfed, might be loft and deftroyed, or be thought
trivial, yet when collected together are worth preferv-
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