The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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£' Safe from the bar, the pulpit, and the throne,
" Are touch'd and fharn'd by ridicule alone."

CARTOON, Is a coloured drawing made on papery
the fame fize as a work to be executed. They are
generally ufed as originals for tapefcry, large painted
windows, mofaics, and other pictures of the fame na-
ture ; where the artifts who conduct them, require an
exact model of what they are to produce, and which i?
to be their guide as well in effect as proportion, Sec.

In England, when the Cartoons are mentioned, it
generally means thofe formerly at Hampton Court, but
now at Buckingham Houfe, which are painted by
Raffaelle (principally with his own hand) and which
being taken on board a vejiel, as they were fending to
be wrought in tapeftry, were brought to England, and
form part of the royal collection. They are among
Raffaelle's beft works; and are fupericr to any other
collection, except the Papal at Rome.

CARTOUCHES are ornaments adapted to contain
inferiptions, mottos, arms, and other devices. They
have acquired this appellation, by being generally re-
prefentations of paper, &c. rolled, folded, or returned
at the ends.

CATAFALQUE in Italian Catafalco is a tem-
porary erection, ufed in Popiih countries, during the
fervice for the repofe of the dead, or the funeral cere-
mony. It is the reprefentation of a fepulchre (or kind
of memento mori) placed under arches and canopies, &c.
decorated with emblematical figures, virtues, genii, and
other ornaments of architecture, painting, and fculp-

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