The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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interrupt the harmony of the fubject, deprive the artifl
of his liberty, and fhackle the moft intelligent genius.
The management of the colours muft contribute to
render the principal group and the principal figure more
evident. As to the grouping of the figures, the fubor-
dinate muft yield to the more important; and, although
the whole together muff form but one fubjecf, every
part of which is ftrongly allied to its relative parts, yet
each muft contribute to the principalnefs (fo to term it)
of the principal.

It is highly improper to plant figures in lines; or,
in a group to reprefent every perfon who contributes to
compofe it as of equal height, like a regiment of foldiers,
whofe regularity is always at enmity with compofition :
but however freely a group may feem affembled, let it
never appear without intelligence, proportion, and

It is not fufficient that a correfpondence appears
between the groups which form a compofition, unlefs
variety be fuperadded to it : too great uniformity in
the attitudes of members, and of figures, render fuch
figures cold and unpleafing. Contraft muft animate
and revive them. Contraft, therefore, figures againft
figures, members againft members, groups againft
groups ; vary the pofitions, nor let the legs and arms
form parallel lines. An upright figure is contrafted by a,
figure reclining ; a figure feen in front, by another feen
behind ; an arm, or a leg, feen on the infide, is con-
trafted by others feen on the outfide. Whatever con-
duces to variety (if the fubjecT: require extenfive variety)
is acceptable ; but admit not conftraint into the con-
traft ;
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