The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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trait : nature does not admit it; and nature is to be
followed as clofely as may be, for even the greateft
exertions of art are but accurate and regulated imitations
of nature. In the greateft mob that ever was affem-
bled, and animated alfo with the fame paflions and
motives, a very evident difference is maintained
throughout all perfons in it; their attitudes are not the
fame, though they mean and relate to the fame thing;
but each has his peculiar turn of gefture, fituation as to
the fpectator, front^, back, fide-ways, &c. together with
his character of figure, tail, fhort, &c. and other

If the fubject require many figures ftanding, they
rauft be varied by ingenious airs of their heads or other

Contraft alfo extends itfelf to the maffes, which
ought not to be of the fame form, the fame fize, the
fame colour, or the fame light. One of the mo ft
important and indifpenfable branches of compofition,
is perfpicuity with regard to the action reprefented : no
doubt fhould be permitted on this article. It is dis-
agreeable to torture the mind,-by guefiing at the fact;
the recollection, or conception how fuch a fcene might
pafs, fhould be amply fufficicnt to inform the fpedtator
on the fubject of the piece.

It has been the cuftom of fome artifts (who
have fuppofed that thereby they deeply ftudied their
compofitions) to, feek materials from their port
folios; they collect figures, or parts, heads, Sec. and
combining them, they form as it were a drefs of
motley j uniting irrelative articles, to form what

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