The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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without his hat and infignia ? And if diftant contem-
poraries would remain ignorant without fuch infor-
mation, why mould we not accommodate pofterior
compatriots with the fame advantages ?

CLEAN, is fpoken of colours when they poffefs a
vigour and frefhnefs of tint not deftroyed by bad mix-
tures, by teazing, or by negligence; to cleannefs of
colours, contributes the cleannefs of the pallet and
pencil. All fmall fubjecls, and thofe which are to be
clofely infpected, require cleannefs ; efpecially flowers,
and ftilllife.
To Clean pictures has been already treated.

CLOTHING of figures requires Uriel attention to
the Coftume, an advantageous difplay of the foldings,
proper reference to fituations in life of the party, and
proper decoration : alfo regard muft be had to the
actions performing ; fince to perform fome, a perfon
may be lefs clothed, than is requifife for others ; and
to the feafons, whofe influence is notorious'.

CRUDE, is fpoken of colours when they are not
accurately adjufted to their neighbours, but glare and
fhew themfelves improperly : they require modera-
tion and lowering, by breaking, glazing, &c.

Crude is alfo fpoken of outlines when they appear
carelcfs and incorrect; they require foftening, and har-

A Crude effect, is a general want of union, and

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