The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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HISTORY Painting felects, from events real or
fuppofed, the action which it defigns to reprefent; and
generally, it fhould be fome elevated fubject, capable
of grandeur and dignity, and affording fcope for the
exertions of art.

This branch of painting claims, and is allowed, the
firft rank in the art; it is the moft difficult, as well as
moft noble; requiring in the artiff. an elevated mind,
a fertile imagination, an heroic genius, and generous
fentiments; together with correct defign, tafte, fide-
lity, expreffion, and learning. Yet thefe are imperfect,
without grace and fuavity.

HOLES are thofe patches of dark and blackifh co-
lours, which are placed ?nal-a-propos on the front of
the picture ; generally with intention to procure force,
but which, when viewed at a juft diftance, by hiding
the objects they contain, feem rather fo many imper-
vious pits, than maffes of regulated and tender fhade.


TIMPRESSIONS are prints taken off copper-plates
JL at the rolling prefs; and are either good or bad,
according to the truth with which they reprefent the
work on the plate : if they are too faint, or too full,
they are equally bad : the firfl being deficient in force,
the latter in clearnefs; which two qualities ought to
unite in a perfect impreffion.

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