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of the Rofe, or feels not the majefty of the Ce-
dar ?

The machines, implements and utenfils, employed
by mankind, become fignificant emblems: the Plough
is a juft fymbol of agriculture, as the Sword is of war*
To an emblem of Mufic, we ufe fuch mufical inftru-
ments as are known among us ; as to a figure of Paint-
ing, we infert the pallette and pencils.

Particular countries, cities, &c. have generally fome-
what peculiar to themfelves, either the growth of the
country, or manufacture of the city ; or, perhaps, a
particular cuflom, privilege, or character, diftinguifhes
them from others, and which, when judicioufly em-
ployed, forms a becoming allufion to the fubject in-

Iconology exacts three principal qualities; firft, that
it be intelligible, that the fymbols introduced are
fuch as fpeak at once to the eye and to the underftand-
ing, and whofe relation and application to the fubjecl: to
be expreffed, is obvious and clear. It is highly ofFen-
(ive to keep the attention long in fufpenfe, ere it can
decypher newly-invented or round about related tokens,
myfterious as free-mafons figns. This obfeurity is con-
trary to the ufe of introducing fymbols, which is ex-
planation and information.

The fecond quality neceffary in emblems, is, that
they fhould be authorized by cuftomary ufage. This
authority is ufually attributed to the antique ; for my
own part, however, I cannot but regret the influence
which is allowed to antiquity on this fubject. It feems
to me, that with regard to religious emblems or ideas,

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