The artists repository and drawing magazine: exhibiting the principles of the polite arts in their various branches — 4.1790

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INTERESTING, relates either to the nature of a
fubjecl, or the manner of treating it, A fubjecl may be
interefting by its pathos, or its relation to the fpedlator,
or its general importance: An interefting manner of
relating fuch a fubjecl:, is the refult of feeling and fenti-
ment, tafte and judgment.

INVENTION is a part of compofition, which fe-
lecls the objects, &c. requifite to the fubjecl: treated.

When an artift has determined on his fubjecl, he
ought well to imprint it on his mind ; to intereft him-
felf in the aclion; to tranfport himfelf in idea to the
very tranfaclion; to examine every article connected
with it, or related to it; every circumftance or accef-
fory which may be ufefui or becoming, and thefe he
muft apply to the beft: advantage, omitting redundan-
cies, and confining himfelf to propriety, in his thoughts,
exprefiions, and incidents.

To affift invention, are neceflary, conftant ftudy,
general converfation among mankind, a readinefs of
remark on occurrent effecls, a retentive memory, a ha-
bit of rapid fketching, an acquaintance with the works
of the beft mafters, the beft hiftories, the beft poets, and
whatever is a happy effort of inventive genius.


~\f NO WLEDGE is to be acquired only by refledlion
on good works, and a regular attention to the
effecls of nature, and the methods of imitation which have'

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